5 Ways to Tell If your Fragrances is Real or Fake |

As name brand beauty products become in higher demand more fakes seems to show up in the marketplaces. They are notorious to be found at flea markets, online websites, and more. Authentic Fragrances are so close to counterfeits sometimes even the professional have a heard time telling the difference between the two. Here is 5 tips to help keep you safe from buying a unauthentic fragrance.


1. Price is questionable.

Sometimes items are priced so low it is to good to be true so always check if they offer returns. You truly do get what you pay for, that doesn't mean you shouldn't  shop for a better price just mean proceed with caution when the price is questionable lower than other sellers. We recommend doing a little more research to tell if the item is authentic or not.


2. Packing 

Packing is extremely important to pay attention to.  Make sure the packing doesn't say "Our Version of xxx" You can always double check packaging by google searching the item to compare it. This is one most affective way to tell if the item is real or fake.


3. Scent.

Does it smell the same? Now, this one is the hard part and why most fakes continue to sell. It is very hard to distinguish which fragrance is the real one if they smell they exact same or even similar. One thing to notes is fragrance do expire and there could be numerous reason why the fragrance could smell off. Another question to ask is it the same bottle as the one your comparing too because there are different types of concentration and that changes the smell of the perfume tremendously.  For example there are several types Eau de Toilette,  Eau De Parfum, and more.  


4. Check the batch code or serial numbers.

You can do this by looking at bottom of the box and google searching batch code check this will tell you if the item is real or fake. This will also tell you when the fragrance was made if it is older then you know it is most likely expired. Which is super common problem with online sellers usually you a quick phone or call email saying the item is expired they will usually send you a return label to cover it.


5. Check the bottle.

Check the bottle does it seem faulty or sharp the shape should be perfect like a work of art. It should smooth and well put together perfume companies take a lot of pride in the design of the bottle it should be perfect.


Bonus. Let the actions speak louder then the words.

Anyone can say or type 100% Authentic. The best way to protect your self is checking their return policy and making sure you are covered. Also it never hurts to send a quick email asking about the authenticity of their items.



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